For me, teaching is about motivating students to think critically and propose innovative solutions to social problems. The types of skills that as social scientists, they will be able to use in the classroom and beyond include statistical inference, the ability to use abstraction to create models that represent complex realities in a stylized way, persuasive argumentation, and problem-solving.

 I take my own learning about teaching seriously. In 2019, I applied to the Lead Teaching Fellows (LTF) program at Columbia University and became the representative of my Ph.D. program at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Columbia. My goal as an LTF was to promote better pedagogical practices and conversations about teaching among graduate students. I took training in Inclusive Teaching, Active Learning, and Syllabus Design. I also designed and led two workshops that touched upon these topics through the lens of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies classes that we often teach in our Ph.D. Program.

I am prepared to design and teach classes in Public Policy, Statistical Methods, Environmental, Labor, and Development Economics. I  am equipped to be particularly successful in teaching introductory economics classes to foster enthusiasm in the discipline of young people. Evidence suggests that active learning improves women and minorities’ performance because it is less reliant on background knowledge.

Past teaching appointments

Summer 2018 and 2019 Gender economics – Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Main instructor)

  • Spring 2019 and 2020: Economic Development for International Affairs (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Miguel Urquiola)
  • Fall 2018: Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Wolfram Schlenker)
  • Spring 2018: Marcoeconometrics – Columbia University  (Teaching fellow, Prof. Dalibor Etanovic)
  • Fall 2017: Research Methods and Quantitative Techniques  in Public Management and Policy  – Columbia Univeristy ( Teaching Fellow,  Prof. Selcuk Eren)

Excerpts from teaching evaluations

“Sandra’s recitation is the best. Laying out concepts and examples in a very organized way and summarizing the points that seemed lack of organization in class.”

Sandra’s teaching style was very straightforward and effective. She never wasted students’ time during recitations and I always understood concepts better after her reviews.

“Sandra gives very high-quality and helpful recitations! Love her”

“One of the best classes at ITAM. Sandra explains very well, the material is clear. You learn a lot, she is accessible and encourages participation. Very good class.” (Translated from Spanish)

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